All of this technology would be worthless without our dedicated staff.

Our employees understand that in order to remain the best in our field, it requires a constant commitment to do the job right - even when no one is looking. It also requires training to stay at the forefront of our field.

At right, (the late) Matt Voss presents Brian Worden with his journeyman patternmaker certificate in November 2016.

4- Fadal CNC machining centers with 20x16x20 travels
3- Fadal CNC machining centers with 40x20x20 travels
1- Fadal CNC machining center with 45x25x24 travels
6- Fadal CNC machining centers with 60x30x30 travels

Milltronics CNC machining center with 50x98x23 travels in the X, Y and Z axes, respectively
One 4th axis rotary table for above machining centers 
2020 Okuma Genos L250-IIE CNC lathe

Milltronics CNC lathe with 20" turning capacity
Brown and Sharpe DCC CMM with 26x28x18 travels
DeVleig 3B-48 Horizontal boring mill
Welding capabilities include 2011 Miller Mig with pulse, along with stick, and Oxy-Acetylene powder spray welding
Various support equipment includes Bridgeport mills, manual lathes, vertical and horizontal saws, sanders and drills. 


vertical CNC-machining experts

On January 1, 2020, Brian Worden bought Midfield Pattern and is now the 3rd generation of the Worden family to own and operate Midfield Pattern. Brian also has 2-sons... so 4th generation ownership is a possibility - STAY TUNED!!!!


A Committed STAFF

On March 28, 2018 Gary Richard JR celebrated his 24th year at Midfield Pattern. On March 29, 2018, "JR" received his official journeyman's card. Continuing with Midfield tradition, only a journeyman can present a "graduated" apprentice with his journeyman's card.  At left, Brian Worden presents JR with his journeyman's certificate. Brian remarked that after 24 years it should be a doctorate - so we should start calling JR, "Dr. JR"  ... so Congratulations Dr. JR!!!

If you think you have what it takes, we'd love to add you to our team!!!

Mastercam 2021 (Solids) and Solidworks 2021- all driven by 5-CAD/CAM Intel Core I9 9900 custom-built workstations, using 64 GB RAM and solid state hard drives.