Customer machines some pattern plates in house. But when their CNC breaks down, they turn to us until they're back on their feet.


Need foundry tooling or prototypes quickly?

For the fastest deliveries, you're going to need a 3D CAD model. But sometimes one is not available - but we can help!

We can turn your blueprints or sketches into 3D CAD models, and email you those models for approval prior to making the prototype part, or starting construction on the foundry tooling.

We do this to save our customers time and money in the future. After all, what good is producing foundry tooling to make a casting - and the casting doesn't work because the customer didn't understand the implications of draft?


Forward thinking 

By emailing 3D CAD models to customers for approval, BEFORE making the foundry tooling, our customers avoid costly re-work of brand new tooling. This kind of forward-thinking, may take an additional day or two on the front end of a schedule... But it saves weeks and thousands of dollars on the back-end of the schedule, because tooling doesn't have to be re-worked, and castings don't have to be re-poured and re-machined. 


Fully machined Sinto matchplate

From receipt of customer's CAD model, to shipment of finished matchplate took 7 days. No overtime was necessary


Customer calls on Friday. "I need an iron grill grate made by Monday morning." Our response "what time Monday morning?" Mission accomplished!

Our state of the art CAD/CAM programming stations shorten your lead times on tooling and prototypes.


Our programming hardware gets replaced about every 3 years, because we understand that speed is what keeps manufacturing in the United States.  If a customer has to wait 10-12 weeks for parts, they're going to look overseas for alternative sources.


Our programming software, is updated yearly - again, we understand that time-to-market is critical to our customers.